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Paudie O’Sullivan

Founder of Evolve Pilates and Pilates Instructor

Paudie has made a name for himself in Cork as a hard working reformer instructor who pushes his clients to their limits, getting the best results for each person he trains. His classes are very client focused and the small class groups at Evolve, which has a maximum of 6 per class, allows him to give each individual client attention, meaning they get the most out of every class.

Paudie has over 20 years experience participating in sport. Several years back he decided to make his hobby his job, and trained to become a personal trainer and also gained a qualification in sports massage. He has extensive experience working with people who want to improve their physical fitness and improve their overall health and wellbeing. He also has a wealth of experience working with people in a rehabilitative capacity, helping people improve their strength following injuries.

His initial interest in reformer stemmed from a low back injury several years back. This prompted him to seek out an alternative therapy, to allow him to manage his symptoms. He found reformer extremely beneficial and believed so strongly in its benefits for every body, that he decided to train to become an instructor.

What makes Paudie unique is that he specialises in reformer pilates.  He spends hours preparing for classes, researching new techniques, practising on the reformer himself. This dedication means that you’ll get the best results possible for your body.

“Changing your body takes time, if you want proper results you have to be patient and work hard at it, consistency is key”

Enjoy Pilates

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.”

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