Coronavirus- How to cope with self isolation, without cracking up!

//Coronavirus- How to cope with self isolation, without cracking up!

Coronavirus- How to cope with self isolation, without cracking up!

How to manage Self Isolation, without cracking up!


With uncertain times ahead, we are all facing into the very real possibility of having to self isolate. If you have been asked to do this you can find guidance on how you should conduct yourself around your home here.

For some practical tips on how to keep yourself motivated, stave off loneliness and boredom and to remain productive. Here are some practical ideas. 

  • Structure your day. You may have to continue to work remotely so this won’t be difficult. If you aren’t, then try to keep your routine as much as possible. If you are well, get up roughly the same time everyday. Shower, get dressed and eat your first meal. Keep regular meal times and avoid snacking out of boredom. Go to bed and do the usual bedtime routine


  • Plan your day. Keep a little schedule, like you would if you were working. Everyday plan a few things to keep yourself busy. The structure will give you purpose and stop you from lying in bed binge watching shows on Netflix. Not that there’s a problem with this, but 2 weeks of it and you’ll be out of your mind.


  • Schedule in some exercise. Clear a space in your room, put down a mat if you have one and pick one of the endless YouTube 30 minute workouts. You have the time so there is no excuse and you’ll feel good after it. Alternatively, if you have a back garden, in line with the HSE suggestion, you can go outside for a while and breathe in the fresh air. 


  • Try to limit screen time. We will all be inclined to be on laptops/watching TV or scroll on instagram for the duration of this but, health wise, you need a break. Order some books, get a loan from friends and schedule in some reading time for yourself. 


  • Eat as well as you can. You probably won’t be the one cooking meals if you are in isolation unless you live alone. Try to have a piece of fruit or a salad with meals and keep your intake of fresh produce up. There are no shortages in shops,  so as long as you have someone who can pick up groceries for you or you can order online, there’s no reason you can’t keep up eating as normal.


  • Do include some nice things for yourself. I don’t ever suggest rewarding yourself with food but a small treat is nice every now and again and can sometimes be a nice end to a rough day 


  • Lastly, stay connected. Schedule a coffee with a loved one, online! Skype or FaceTime people in similar positions or friends and family far away. This is by far and away the most important one. You will feel very alone at times, so reach out to loved ones who will no doubt be there to offer support and a chat. 

If you or anyone you know is showing signs or symptoms of coronavirus, please contact your GP ASAP or log on to the HSE website for more info, by clicking here.

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