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Massage Therapy Clinic – About

Our massages incorporate hands on treatment to help you achieve your goal, pain free. Offering expert deep tissue massage in Cork, Paudie treats many different conditions. Combining massage therapy with his background in pilates, and drawing from his own experiences of training and injury, he is ideally placed to help you with your particular issues.

Whether it’s a lower back stiffness from sitting at a desk all day, or recovery from your gym training, we are here to help. Here are just some of the issues we see and treat regularly.

  • Neck soreness: A sore or stiff neck is very common. It occurs particularly in clients who work all day at a desk and tend to strain or hold their head in a particular position for long periods.
  • Back soreness: Another extremely common ailment, most people have at some point suffered from low back pain. Whether caused by a muscle strain or immobility, we can help assess and manage this for you.
  • DOMS: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness affects most people who train at some point. It can really slow you down and affect your progress, particularly when you are training for an event or following a plan. Massage will help you to recover, relieving the pain so that you can return to exercise as quickly as possible.

Other things we can help you with

  • Alleviating the stress of physically demanding jobs
  • Stiffness from being hunched over a desk all day
  • Recovery from repetitive stress
  • Improving strain of poor ergonomics
  • Muscle injury treatments
  • Guided rehabilitation prescriptive exercises

If you are experiencing discomfort or soreness, and you are looking for a sports massage in Cork, book an appointment by filling in the contact form below.

Health Insurance Cover

As a member of the ANMPT and ACI, Evolve Pilates and Wellness is approved by the following health insurers: Irish Life Health and Laya Healthcare.

NOTE: For treatments please refer to individual policy terms and conditions.

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