Reformer Pilates for Low Back Pain

//Reformer Pilates for Low Back Pain

Reformer Pilates for Low Back Pain

Low back pain- ways we can help you 

Low back pain is an extremely common symptom that many people will experience in their life. It is always important to visit your doctor if you are experiencing low back pain to assess the reason why, and to make sure you don’t require further investigations. However, for low back pain in adults, the National Institute of Clinical Excellence, the guidelines most doctors use for decision making, a structured exercise programme is the mainstay of treatment for low back pain. 

So you have a back issue and wondering how can we help you with your rehab training ?

Low back pain is an extremely common condition. Let me preface this blog by saying back issues are complex and often multifactorial. Everyone is different but for the typical back suffers the key is simplicity.You need to stick to basics and move away from painful patterns and work to restore normal function around the lower back around pelvis. By focusing on strengthening your core and the musculature of the trunk, we can help you to improve your symptoms and aid you on your recovery. 

We always recommend starting with a 1-1 session if you are injured. Prior to a personal training session, we perform a detailed history of the issue and this will guide our exercise selection for you, helping you get the most out of the session. 

Once you are ready then you progress on to our level 1 class. Here at Evolve our class sizes are small. The exercises are kept simple, but effective and targeted. Here you will learn form and proper technique and master the basics and improve your core strength making it the ideal class for low back issues/

Some myths about back pain and treatments that AREN’T recommended.

Rest is best

While at the beginning the pain may be such that you aren’t able to get out of bed or move around much. However, the guidelines are clear, exercise and resuming normal activities is extremely important, once you get the go ahead from your physician.

Alternative therapies that can help

Be careful to attend a reputable practitioner if you are looking into doing some alternative therapies. Many alternative therapies have little to no scientific evidence but some patients may find benefits. Make sure you make an informed choice and be careful when choosing a clinic.

Belts/corsets and foot supports

Health professionals should not recommend the use of any of the above. These pieces of equipment have not been shown to be useful in clinical trials and can end up being costly to the patient.

This is where Evolve excels. Our instructors are hard working and knowledgeable. We pride ourselves on our small class size which offers a more personalised service to each and every client who comes through the door, something you definitely will not get from mixed level or larger class sizes

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