How to stay on track while you’re on holidays

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How to stay on track while you’re on holidays


Staying on track while you are on holidays 

When you are trying to lose weight or make any changes to your lifestyle, it can be a little daunting to be out of your normal routine. Holidays and time out are to be enjoyed, and with some of our tips, hopefully you can enjoy your holidays and sample the tasty food without the worry of spoiling all your hard work. When I was on my own weight loss journey, I was worried about Christmas and whether it would throw me off. By eating mindfully and basing my diet around healthy choices while still enjoying treats, I managed to stay on track, which meant no post-holiday guilt. 

Have a good breakfast

This is the easiest way to set yourself up for the day. Make a healthy choice for the day that satisfies you. Most hotels will make omelettes, have an array of fresh fruit and you can get healthy cereal and bread choices also. Eat a solid breakfast and you’ll be less inclined to reach for the sugar-laden snacks early in the day

Add a salad

When ordering your lunches and dinners, choose what you fancy and try to add a side salad in favour of chips. Particularly if travelling to a warm country, this will often be more refreshing and tasty and it will help you to stay on track. It will also provide you with plenty of nutrients, which is an added bonus


If you like a drink on holidays but are mindful of the amount of calories, choose wisely. Try and forgo sugary cocktails in favour of a spritzer with a no sugar lemonade or a glass of wine or Prosecco, which would also have less calories. Alcohol can dehydrate you particularly in the sun, so enjoy a drink but try not to over indulge as this could also set you up to snack on high calories convenience food. You can also alternate your drinks with a soft drink or water, meaning you are halving the number of drinks you would usually have.

Managing treats

Everyone loves an ice cream on holidays, myself included. A handy way of not over indulging is to order sorbets or fruit flavoured ice cream over whipped versions. If you are purchasing ice pops varieties such as tangle twisters, cool pops and loop the loop contain a fraction of the calories in comparison to a magnum. Try being mindful of this and you will save on calories.


Try and keep your activity levels up. Take a swim or a lovely walk on the beach and by keeping active you are helping yourself stay healthy. Plan an activity everyday, something you enjoy doing that isn’t a chore. There’s no point in saying you’ll go to the gym everyday while you’re away if this isn’t realistic for you. 

Holidays should be enjoyed. There should be no stressing about your meals and what food will be available. Bear in mind some of these tips and it will help you to enjoy the holiday without feeling the regret of over indulgence. 

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